Career opportunity: Join a start-up in Heidelberg

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Career opportunity: Join a start-up in Heidelberg

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Predictive Monitoring in emergency medical services

Paramedics are every day confronted with patients having a variety of injuries and illnesses. Their experience and equipment, like a patient monitor measuring electrical heart activity (ECG), blood pressure and other parameters, enable them to treat these patients. However, besides treating the patient, they also have to predict how their patient’s health will develop to decide early on about additional measures. Sadly, they are on their own performing this task. Although a lot of data is gathered from every patient, the majority of this data is wasted. We want to use machine learning algorithms using all the gathered data to predict the patient’s development for the next 60 minutes, to improve patient outcome and support paramedics in their daily work.

Currently we are looking for interested computer scientists, physicians and experts in medical technology. Our aim is to file an application for EXIST or another funding program.


Lucas Schütz

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