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Biotech Entrepreneurship Training Program provides an in-depth introduction to entrepreneurship with a focus on biotechnology/medtech for Masters students and postdocs of biotechnology and related fields (life sciences or health technology). The course will be given in English.

If you are participating in the course, you will get access to a lot of additional material helping you to develop your business idea and to create a convincing presentation.

All lectures will be recorded and provided as Youtube videos. Moreover, all pitch presentation will be recorded and provided to the teams for self-evaluation (e.g. presentation style, body language, etc.).

You will learn:

  • How to set up a business model using Alexander Osterwalder´s business model canvas
  • The concept of the investor readiness level as applied to different healthtech/biotech segments (e.g., therapeutics, diagnostics, digital health)
  • Different sources of capital (debt versus equity) and funding (Angels, VCs, crowd-funding platforms) for startups
  • How a Venture Capitalist works
  • Different types of intellectual property and their relevance for biotech/medtech
  • How to structure and design a pitch presentation
  • How to present a business idea in front of a critical audience
  • How to organize yourself as team by using online collaboration tools

The course follows the schedule detailed below:

Introductory Lecture (2 hours) will introduce the teaching team and our roadmap to the final pitch presentations. Furthermore, participants will be grouped in “founder teams” to jointly work on business ideas. Each founder team will receive a current research article/patent about an invention in the field of life sciences or health technology as a basis for its business idea. The lecture also gives an overview of the structure and design of a pitch presentation, including useful presentation tips (e.g., body language). Finally, we will introduce students to our new BETP web page with lots of helpful information around biotech entrepreneurship.
Lecture 1 (2 hours) will teach how to use the business model canvas to design a viable business model with all its critical components, i.e. unique value proposition, customer segments, customer relationships, channels, key partners, key resources, key activities, revenue streams and the cost structure. We will cover market segmentation and differences in customers between therapeutics, diagnostics, medical device and digital health companies.
Lecture 2 (2 hours) will introduce sources of capital (grants, equity, debt) with a focus on VCs (how do they work, what are they looking for). Introduction to planning with milestones and value inflection points.
Lecture 3 (2 hours) will let you dive into financial accounting basics which will helpful creating the financial part of your pitch presentation.
Lecture 4 (2 hours) will be dedicated to the question how you can successfully implement communication and collaboration tools for your team both for internal and external communication purposes.
Presentation rounds (1.5-3 hours each): Teams will give their pitch presentations (15 min) with a subsequent Q&A and feedback session of 30 min per team.
It was a good insight into the business world and opened the door for me to an internship at Roche.- Student Feedback in our Survey
Course Winter Semester 2015/16
I liked that we had the chance to get help/feedback/input for the presentation. It was great to see the final presentations and to be involved into the discussion rounds.- Student Feedback in our Survey
Course Summer Semester 2015
Very cool overall experience - great networking, learning and practicing.- Student Feedback in our Survey
Course Winter Semester 2014/15
Very good feedback given on pitch presentation; seminar not only gives expertise on the topic (entrepreneurship) but also on presentation styles; very encouraged people (much better than all professors during their lectures).- Student Feedback in our Survey
Course Summer Semester 2014
It is a great chance to learn something that I was never told at school/university from people who are credible.- Student Feedback in our Survey
Course Winter Semester 2013/14

Meet and learn from experienced entrepreneurs and business experts

The compact course is accompanied by the Biotech Entrepreneurship and Leadership Lectures where startups, experienced entrepreneurs and experts in field of biotech, medtech and digital health share their lessons learned: While not mandatory, attendance of the leadership lectures is highly recommended to gain an even deeper understanding of the course topics and to make valuable connections with founders and experts.