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Biotech Entrepreneurship and Leadership Lectures is a bi-weekly interactive lecture series of Heidelberg University in cooperation with EIT Health Germany, where successful biotech entrepreneurs and business leaders share their experiences and lessons learned with students and early-career scientists. Specific entrepreneurship and leadership topics that will be addressed in detail include innovation & intellectual property, development of medicinal products & medical devices, regulatory affairs, business administration, human resources management, marketing & sales, public funding, and venture capital.

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Speakers Winter Semester 2018/19:
  • 5 September: Alexander Schüller, Adhesys Medical
  • 12 September: Michaela Fesenfeld, CEO Novoscreen GmbH: "Cervical cancer screening from home: Insights from a MedTech start-up founder"
  • 24 October: David Wehner, Senior Teamleader at Hays and Freelancer Coach and former CEO Venneos GmbH
  • 28 November: Anna Pryszlak, Senior Scientist at Velabs Therapeutics (EMBL-spinoff)


On Wednesdays at 5:00 p.m. during the lecture period. Please register to our newsletter to stay up-to-date.


Marsilius Arkaden of Heidelberg University
Seminar room 1
Im Neuenheimer Feld 130.1
69120 Heidelberg

Previous guest speakers

Speakers Summer Semester 2018:
  • 11 April: Dr. Michael Ullmann, Johnson & Johnson Medical Devices Companies, The graveyard of failed medical technology innovation – Lessons learned
  • 25 April: Valentin Kramer, Founder and CEO of the start-up Aucteq
Speakers Winter Semester 2017/18:
  • 8 November: Bodo Brückner, Life Science Accelerator Baden-Württemberg: Life Science Startup Accelerator - the Baden-Wuerttembergian Way
  • 22 November: Dirk Vocke, Merck: Open Innovation at Merck
  • 17 January: Wiebke Löbker, Bundesinstitut für Arzneimittel und Medizinprodukte (BfArM): How to deal with regulatory aspects as a health tech start-up | PLEASE NOTE: This event will be hosted at the Alte Brauerei, Lecture Hall HS02, Käfertaler Straße 162, Mannheim
  • Speakers Summer Semester 2017:
    • 26 April: Andreas Schmidt, Founder Ayoxxa Biosystems, Cologne
    • 10 May: Colin Bennett, Presentations trainer, Frankfurt
    • 24 May: Nadine Sobotzki, Analyst Merck Ventures, Amsterdam
    • 7 June: Daniel Schaft, Patent Attorney Ullrich & Naumann, Heidelberg
    • 21 June: Parth Chakrabarti, Sr. Director, New Ventures & Transactions, JOHNSON & JOHNSON INNOVATION
    Speakers Winter Semester 2016/17:
    Speakers Summer Semester 2016:
    • April 25: Andreas Pfuhl and Christoph Antz, Luxendo, "Luxendo - From Business Case to Market Strategy"
    • May 9: Andreas Schmidt, Ayoxxa Biosystems, "AYOXXABiosystems: Unlocking Proteomics - an international Startup Story"
    • May 23: Georg Kähler, University Hospital Mannheim, “Technology transfer from surgery to endoscopy: successful, unsuccessful, and future concepts”
    • June 6: Ewout Vansteenkiste, University Gent and MOLECUBES LLC, "How we got MOLECUBES financed: dreams don't work unless you do"
    • June 20: Reiner Schlipfenbacher, Roche Diagnostics, "Can R&D in big DIA industry be innovative? - Yes, it can!"
    • July 4: Andreas Kessell, Antibodies Online, "Online Marketing as driver of your success: How to make your invention known to the world?"
    Speakers Winter Semester 2015/16:
    • October 12: Christian Piepenbrock, Serial Entrepreneur, Berlin + followed by the BELL Kickoff Party
    • October 26: Markus Wilhelms, usMIMA, Barcelona, "usMIMA - the experience of starting up in Barcelona"
    • November 09: Hong Cheng, Sanofi
    • November 23: Christian Tidona, BioMed X + BioRN Network, "How to build a start-up"
    • January 11: Christoph Zrenner, MedTech Accelerator Tübingen, "100 Days of MedTech Innovation in Tübingen - Why and How"
    • January 25: Adrian Carter, Boehringer Ingelheim
    • January 27: Colin Bennet, "How can you engage your audience in a talk?"
    Speakers Summer Semester 2015:
    • April 20: Dr. Christian Tidona, BioMed X Innovation Center / BioRN Network, “How to start a Biotech Company”
    • May 04: Georg Matheis, Novalung GmbH, "Serial Medtech Entrepreneurs in Germany – How to Grow a Rare Species" >> Location: Im Neuenheimer Feld 329, Seminar Room 26
    • May 18: Friedrich Richter, AbbVie, "Leadership in Big Pharma" >> Location: Im Neuenheimer Feld 329, Seminar Room 26
    • June 01: Roel Bulthuis, Merck Serono Ventures, "What VCs expect from a pitch presentation">
    • June 15: Stefan Duhr, Nanotemper GmbH (Winner of the German Founder Price 2014), "MicroScale Thermophoresis & Drug Discovery - A Love Story"
    • June 29: Matthias Klaften, amcure GmbH (KIT spin-off), "The amcure story – building a startup in close collaboration between science and tech transfer"
    • NEW October 12: Patrick Most, uniQure Germany/InoCard (spin-off of the University Hospital Heidelberg), "InoCard GmbH - an exercise towards the translation of a novel heart failure treatment"
    Speakers Winter Semester 2014/15:
    • October 13: Dr. Christian Tidona, BioMed X Innovation Center / BioRN Network “How to start a Biotech Company”
    • October 27: Ralf Eckert, Leica Biosystems Nussloch GmbH, “Global Business Development”
    • November 10: Marius Rosenberg, Medical Adhesive Revolution (MAR) GmbH, Winner of the 2014 RICE Business Plan Competition “Student Entrepreneurship ”
    • November 24: Colin Bennett, Flames a Mile High, „Presentations training“
    • December 08: Vikas Shah, Swiscot Group (Managing Director), Thought Strategy (Founder), Thought Economics (Founder), 53 Degrees North Films (CEO), Manchester, UK: “My entrepreneurial journey”
    • January 12: Andrea Pfundmeier, Boxcryptor / Secomba GmbH: "Recognizing a Business Opportunity"
    • January 26: Dr. Thomas Höger, Apogenix GmbH: “Finance”
    Speakers Summer Semester 2014:
    • April 14 - Andrea Pfundmeier, Boxcryptor / Secomba: "Student Entrepreneurship"
    • April 28 – Dr. Peter Johann, NGN Capital: „Venture Capital“
    • May 12 – Dr. Jürgen Bauer, EMBLEM Technology Transfer: „IP / Tech Transfer“
    • May 26: Alexander Würfel, AbbVie Deutschland: „Leadership in Big Pharma“
    • June 16: Dr. Ingmar Hoerr, Curevac: „Financing“
    • June 30: Dr. Gitte Neubauer, Cellzome: „Exit Big Pharma“
    • July 14: Dr. Volker Stadler, PEPperPRINT: „Frugal Business“
    Speakers Winter Semester 2013/14:
    • November 13, 2013: Gitte Neubauer: Exit Big Pharma
    • November 27, 2013: Thomas Höger: Finance
    • December 11, 2013: Jürgen Bauer: IP and Technology Transfer
    • January 08, 2014: Ralf Eckert: Global Business Development
    • January 22, 2014: Ashok Rao: Entrepreneurship
    • February 05, 2014: Claus Kremoser: Deal Big Pharma